Talk: Have You Seen the News Today?


男底色.pngHave you seen the news today?

女底色.pngNot yet. What happened?

男底色.pngDid you know there was a blackout last night? 

女底色.pngYes, I heard the lights were out all night.

男底色.pngWell, some people decided to loot last night. 

女底色.pngI don’t understand.

男底色.pngThey took advantage of the blackout.

女底色.pngThey really started looting?

男底色.pngYes, apparently four stores were broken into. 

女底色.pngDid the looters get caught?

男底色.pngThere was no evidence of who did it. 

女底色.pngHopefully we won’t have any more blackouts.


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