Learn English Sentences Everyday [environment]

1. But no one knows for sure how much crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth.
Key Points: below/ beneath/ under
(1). below (opposite to above, on a lower level)
1) Some parts of the country are below sea level.
2) Please do not write below this line.
(2). beneath (more formal)
1) Two girls are sitting beneath a tree.
2) Such a thing is beneath notice.
(3). under (opposite to over, just right below something)
1) Our boat went under the bridge.
2) A cat is sitting under the table.

2. And consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits, because drilling could begin only after much bargaining over leases, environmental permits and regulatory review.
Key Points: drill/ regulatory/ up to
(1). drill(to make a hole in something using a drill)
After months of drilling, oil was found off the coast.
(2). regulatory (restricting according to rules or principles)
Complaint is referred to several regulatory bodies.
(3). up to (take responsibility for/ not more than a stated value, number, or level)
It’s up to him to do it.
This hotel can accommodate up to 500 guests.

3. Most people would accept that one of the highest priorities today is to find a solution to the various environmental problems facing mankind.
Key Points: priority
(1). the thing that you think is most important and that needs attention before anything else
List your tasks in order of priority (= most important first ) .
(2). the right to be given attention first and before other people or things
I want to start work on the garden but the house must take priority .
(3). get your priorities right
We need to get our priorities right.

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