Talk: Buy A Birthday Present


女底色.pngMay’s birthday is coming. Shall we buy her a birthday present or let her choose one for herself?

男底色.pngI think a surprise party may be better. But I forget when her birthday is.

女底色.pngYou are such a good father. It’s next Sunday.

男底色.pngSorry. What shall we get for her?

女底色.pngWhat about a cell phone? She is old enough to have one.

男底色.pngGood idea. Shall we search on line to find an appropriate one or go to a phone store?

女底色.pngMaybe we can try shopping on line.

男底色.pngSure. Okay, here is the website.

女底色.pngI’m sure that May would love the pink one.

男底色.pngProbably. People’s consumptive habit is changing rapidly because of the internet.

女底色.pngTotally. Computers bring with them convenience. Oh, what’s wrong? 

男底色.pngThe computer went frozen.

女底色.pngOh, it’s such a pain. We’d better go to a store later. 

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