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1. If you want to teach your children how to say sorry,  you must be good at saying it yourself, especially to your own children.
Key Points: object clause
(1). if/ whether
He stopped to ask me if I was all right.
I don’t know whether he will come or not tomorrow.
(2). what, when, where, which, who, how
Could you tell me where the nearest hospital is?

2. Parents who wish to teach their children to apologize should see it as a sign of strength, and therefore not resort to these pseudo-apologies.
Key Points: wish to do sth./ pseudo/ resort to
(1). wish to do sth.= want to do sth.
Please let us know what you wish to do with it.
(2). pseudo (not genuine but having the appearance of)
This apparent interest of his in modern music is completely pseudo.
(3). resort to (to do something extreme, or difficult because you cannot think of any other way)
If negotiations fail we shall have to resort to strike action.
resort to (ask for help)
You should resort to your parents.

3. A three-year-old might need help in understanding that other children feel pain just as he does, and that hitting a playmate over the head with a heavy toy requires an apology.
Key Points: three-year-old/ playmate/ hit…over the head
(1). a three-year-old (a child who is three years old.)
father-to-be/ mother-in-law/ three-mile-long walk
(2). playmate
classmate/ workmate/ schoolmate/ roommate/ teammate
(3). hit sb. over the head
In the melee, a man was hit over the head with a bottle, the official said.

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