Learn English Sentences Everyday [health]

1. We’re making products in those countries;we’re adapting them to the tastes of those counties,building businesses and employing people and changing lives.
Key Points: adapt to/ adjust to (similar expressions)
(1). adapt to
Most of the tools have been specially adapted for use by disabled people.
You must adapt to the norms of the society you live in.
(2). adjust to
The body adjusts itself to changes of temperature.
Astronauts in flight must adjust to weightlessness.

2. Humans should not try to avoid stress any more than they would shun food, love or exercise.
Key Points: avoid/ shun
(1). avoid
The boy avoided punishment by running away.
He is a fugitive from justice trying to avoid being caught by the police.
(2). shun
His friends shunned him.
Victims of the disease found themselves shunned by society.

3. In a 2001 study of 158 hospital nurses, those who faced considerable work demands bud coped with the challenge were more likely to say they were in good health than those who felt they couldn’t get the job done.
Key Points: considerable
(1). considering (used to say that you are thinking about a particular fact when you are giving your opinion)
Considering your son has only been learning French a year, he speaks it very well.
(2). considered (describe someone who is respected by others)
My father is a highly considered person.
(3). considerable (fairly large)
We need a considerable sum of money.
(4). considerate (always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful)
She is so considerate-always thinking about her friends.

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