Learning English Sentences Everyday(83)

1. Staff at the centre will then contact the owner to confirm that the car really is missing, and keep police informed of the vehicle’s movements via the car’s GPS unit.
Key Points: inform
(1). be well-informed
He succeeded where other more well-informed experimenters failed.
(2). be ill-informed
Most patients are ill-informed of the side effect of the medicine.

2. Dying and leaving young children is probably the older parents’ biggest, and often unspoken, fear.
Key Points: parenthesis( such as “and often unspoken”)
(1). You should go to see her, because she misses you, and what’s more, she needs your help.
(2). One day, it is said, Newton saw an apple fall from a tree.
(3). Most important of all, you each overfulfilled your own task.
(4). On the contrary, we should strengthen our ties with them.

3. “My body is agingļ¼Œ”says Metcalf. “You can’t get away from that.”
Key Points: age/ get away from
(1). age as verb, to grow old
Anxiety ages us.
(2). get away from
She struggled to get away from the attacker.

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