Learning English Sentences Everyday(82)

1. People who are well are concerned with nutrition and exercise,and they make a point of monitoring their body’s condition.
Key Points: concern
(1). uncountable noun (a feeling of worry about something important)
There is now considerable concern for their illness.
(2). countable noun (something that worries you)
That’s my concern, so I’ll do as I like about it.
What are your main concerns as a golf player?
(3). verb, something about, or to make someone feel worried or upset
It is reported that the pop singer is concerned with selling drugs.
The boy’s poor performance at school concerned his parents.
(4). concern oneself with/ in/ about sth.
There’s no need to concern yourself with this matter; we’re dealing with it.

2. Women’s education may be unusual territory for economists,but enhancing women’s contribution to development is actually as much an economic as a social issue.
Key Points: enhance/ contribution/ unusual
(1). enhance
He made many efforts to enhance his reputation.
(2). contribution
He minimized the value of her contribution to his research so that he got all the praise.
(3). unusual
Snow is an unusual sight in this warm place.

3. Few will dispute that educating women has great social benefits.
Key Points: dispute/ debate/ argue
(1). dispute (hot discussion, often takes long time to make a decision)
Whether he will succeed with his new method is still disputed.
(2). debate (often more formal with rules)
We debated until it was time for supper.
(3). argue (to justify something)
He argued against the plan.

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