Talk: Would You Like An Appetizer Before Your Meal?


男底色.png Hi, I’m George. I’ll be your waiter this evening. Are you ready to order or do you need a few more minutes? 

女底色.pngI’m ready now. I’d like the roast chicken and a side order of corn.

男底色.pngAnd would you like an appetizer before your meal? The soup of the day is our delicious tomato soup.

女底色.pngI’ll pass on the soup, but I’d like a garden salad.

男底色.pngCan I get you anything to drink?

女底色.pngYes, I’d like a glass of iced tea.

男底色.pngOkay. I’ll be back in a minute with your drink and salad. 

女底色.pngThank you.



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