Talk: Lily Broke Up with Me


女底色.pngTom, you look thoughtful and unhappy recently. What’s wrong with you?

男底色.pngLily broke up with me last week. In fact, she dumped me.

女底色.pngWhy? I mean, why did she part company with you after seven years together? 

男底色.pngShe said it was because we had very different ideas about life

女底色.pngDo you believe her excuse?

男底色.pngOf course not. I knew she had fallen in love with another guy. It is difficult to see her move on so quickly.

女底色.pngCome on, Tom, cheer up. Why not do some sports with me? Violent exercise might help to shake you out of your disappointment in love.

男底色.pngThank you, Maria. You are really a good friend.


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