Talk: How Can I Lose Weight, Doctor?


男底色.png How can I lose weight, doctor? I seem to get fatter even when I just look at food?

女底色.pngWell, Jim. It is a combination of how much you eat, the type of food you eat, and when you eat your meals.

男底色.pngI never eat breakfast though.

女底色.pngThat’s a big mistake, you should always have a good breakfast. You will not run your car without fuel, and yet you expect your body to work without food.

男底色.pngI never thought about it that way. 

女底色.pngI bet you eat a large evening meal, then sit and watch TV or read a book. Then instead of burning off your energy, your body stores it as fat.

男底色.pngOh doctor, I feel so foolish.

女底色.pngWay to control is really using common sense when you plan your eating habits.

男底色.pngI know doctor, thank you so much.


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