Learning English Sentences Everyday(79)

1. Unlike physical energy, which is finite and diminishes with age, emotional energy is unlimited and has nothing to do with genes or upbringing.
Key Points: diminish/ decrease/ reduce
(1). diminish( decrease in size, extent, or range; lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of)
He likes to diminish the skills of others.
As he turned the knob, the sound diminished.
(2). decrease( used with numbers or amounts, or about the level or standard of something)
His interest in this subject gradually decreases.
They are making further efforts to decrease military spending.
(3). reduce (to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price)
The new government’s prime task is to reduce the level of inflation.
Taking extra vitamins may reduce your liability to colds.

2. It’s up to you to plug the leak- even though there are always a dozen reasons to stay stuck in your dull routines of life.
Key Points: plug/ stick in/ qualify for/ though
(1). plug
The tube gets plugged sometimes.
(2). stick in
It stuck in my throat to have to accept charity from them.
(3). though
Though it is true that one must not live in the past, it is important to use the past to learn from his mistakes.

3. A real estate broker I know keeps herself amused on the job by mentally redecorating the houses she shows to clients.
Key Points: real estate / broker/ client
(1). real estate
All of which adds up to a simple and sobering verdict about the real state of the U.S. economy.
(2). broker (someone who arranges sales or business agreements for other people)
As a head broker, I have a lot of experiences in the stock market.
(3). client
They will also arrange free drinks for the bar if a client is visiting.

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