Learning English Sentences Everyday(78)

1. This is a merry-go-ground that’s going very fast, and none of the institutions believe they can sustain the risks of trying to break away by themselves.
Key Points: break away/ by oneself/ sustain
(1). break away
They broke away from the national union to form their own union.
(2). by oneself
The baby can now walk by himself.
(3). sustain
A good breakfast will sustain( make something continue to exist) you all morning.
The town sustained( to suffer damage) heavy losses in the flood.

2. A complicating factor is that merit aid has become so popular v}rith middle-income families, who don’t qualify for need-based aid, that many have come to depend on it.
Key Points: become/ be popular with/ qualify for/ come to do sth./ depend on
(1). become popular with
This young teacher is popular with students.
(2). qualify for
He doesn’t qualify for unemployment benefit.
(3). come to do sth.
They have finally come to believe that.
(4). depend on
Children always depend on their parents.


3. On average, fathers spoke less than mothers did, but they did not differ in the length of utterances or proportion of questions asked.
Key Points: on average/ differ in/ differ from
(1). on average
Japanese people on average live much longer than Americans.
(2). differ in
Germany and French differ in this respect.
(3). differ from
Humans differ from other animals in the ability to speak.

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