Writing Weekend: Let’s Talk About “JUSTICE”!

Last week we set our writing theme “single women and men“. It seems that not many of you were interested in this topic. This week, let’s talk about “JUSTICE“. What’s your opinions of justice? Because justice is a commonly discussed topic in modern world, and people really have slightly different understandings of justice in different situations. Furthermore, have you ever encounter anything unfair in your work or study? Or have you ever seen any unjust behaviors?
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “justice”. Anything you can think about justice, you can write down in our comment area.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 4 days for writing. Next Wednesday (Dec. 27th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
First five will be revised by us. And you may get the chance of being posted on our Facebook account.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Justice is actually for the persons who didn’t make wrong things. But unfortunately it is for any person who provides favourable evidence…

  • The first thing I remember when I listen the word justice is “if we protect justice, justice will protect us”. As a human being every one feel our right to respect and follow the justice. And the main thing is that the rules to be implemented in a way that for a small crime also the person should feel sorry and never thought that again. But in our India who are doing major crimes like rape,murder,money scams,drugs transfer and running prostitution are also getting bail and walk around us freely without any regret. Judgement should be hard and quick to keep the country safe and happy.

  • Justice… The thing which came in my mind by listening the word justice is equality. Justice is the right of every human being also must be for animals.in India for justice you need evidence.if you don’t provide enough evidence in court then forget about justice according to indian constitution.we have to protect right of justice for everyone.

    • Justice means fair with everyone ..but now a days we see there is different law for poor people and diff law for rice people .poor or middle class person suffer in every step..if he fights for someone for them justice means wait for date which can always extend yr to yr ..I thought justice means fair law or rules for everyone

  • Justice is the only constitutional word which gives us equality and many rights to survive in the society
    Justice is a word, in this word many peoples have take lots of oxygen in the society
    Nothing is expected to behalf of this

    • We shouldn’t confuse justice with equality. For example : If three guys are watching a game, and one of them is short, equality would be to make all the three stand on the same level while justice would be to make the shorter one stand on a little higher level so that he can watch the game just as his tall friends.

  • After seeing more than lakhs of pending cases in court. The very first thing comes in my mind is the lady standing with her eyes covered and holding justice which we usually call a weighing machine.India is a democratic country so it’s our duty to know each fundamental rights because when nobody is listening you or our fundamental right is violated court is the last option which is going to give us justice. So according to me. Judges is equal to justice.Our Indian Constitution is best and lengthiest among all over the world .

  • Bushra

    When we talk about justice we should have it’s importance in our mind. It is not only a word but a hope of all oppressed people also. Practice of justice has been done and should be in every field of life wether it is family, colony society country or a nation. Our action is judged on the basis of justice. We can claim our rights or other person’s rights on its basis. Sometimes we have to decide against ourselves to make the scale of justice even. A person in a society fears to harm anybody with a view that when the scale of justice be in the hands of God none will save him from its grip. If there is no concept of justice there will be no value of good conduct and morality.if it restrains us, it gives a light of hope too.

  • The thing which comes into my mind about justice is myself…juctice means equality it’s a gospel truth but for me the justice in this world is different thing becoz people always do injustice with me in my life after the death of my father the meaning of justice for me is changing today’s world is modern but everyone knows that everywhere is the atmosphere of injustice nobody cares for no one every one is unconsiderate towards everyone

  • Doing Justice is a quality of a person.which person have this type of quality,they said as very special person to solve complicated problems.
    i think, in big family when a Family member have justiable quality then the family have bonded with each member of family for along time.

  • Justice.. This word’s has a good sound but the whole world didn’t clear its definition. Many countries say that they have good system for justice. But I don’t think so. So I’ll tell you something which is directly or indirectly related to justice. In Saudi Arab if you killed someone then if you provide their family “bloodmoney” then you’ll be free from your crime. Is it justice? Why they call it justice. Why they make a system like bloodmoney. You can’t fix someone price. Yes it is also true that they can deny to take it. But why are you asking also?

  • Justice is shadow of humanity.and opposite side of bad things those happen with us everyday

  • Justice means equality for everyone but in modern time everyone needs justice but they never do justice in the favour of anyone people knows that the law our country is so strong but the followers not strong and we are responsible for injustice

  • Let me take you to a tour of my life,
    Where you will find no sparkling light.
    My world where i have faced injustice,
    And not even a drop of justice.
    When you are worth of everything,
    But you reach nowhere and get nothing,
    That is called the antonym of justice.
    I am a girl with my life fully curled,
    And i faced injustice because they say ‘ It’s a man’s world ‘………

  • Well, thing that comes to my mind when i heard “JUSTICE” is about satisfied. Because when everyone recieve a Justice in their life they will be very happy and no tearing, they life smoothly. A person who didn’t do any fault won’t be lose by them (someone who have a lot of money) when the judgement do something JUSTICE.

  • Word ‘Justice’ reminds me of one of the unprecendented qoutes of Martin luther king; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.
    We go through several events in our lives, but only few, either good or bad, remain as lesson for us, which deeply impact our lives. One sentence will justify above mentioned word, ” One should always treat/deal others in way how one likes to be treated by people”.
    (1) Giving respect to our elders/parents as well as our teachers is like doing Justice with their Teachings.
    (2) Dealing Youngers in a humble and kind way is like doing justice with Childhood preachings.
    Respect begets justice, Love begets justice, Justice begets justice.

  • Justice, it’s a divine word. We can give a dictionary meaning of equality for everyone. Due to some negative attributes like grudge, jealous, malice, dominant, over-powering etc , a man cannot give correct judgement or do good justice to anybody. One feels correct others may not feel so. Who cannot get justice, think they are deprived or oppressed. Everyone in the society should follow the norms laid by our great ancestors. Who deviates the norm, or behaves abnormal can be isolated or to be punished. For example, theft, anti-social behaviour etc ,. Though they are guilty, they do not self-realize, moreover they curse the society that it has been doing injustice towards them. We can not judge anything wrong or right. Because the things and customs change according to the time.
    If anything is not favour or comfortable, to them,then they feel it is injustice.
    Except God nobody can give correct judgement or do justice.

  • Justice is the legal term which is mostly used in the court of law. But, it is common to everyone as it is used by the time immemorial. In ancient time, people used to connect this term with God,because as per them, it was only the God who does justice. But in modern era, justice has different meaning to different people. Justice is the way to get equal treatment and to get equal opportunity. it is not confined only to those who are victimized by a crime mentioned under Criminal Law of the State. The term in itself has a vast meaning and purpose. There are 2 legal maxim which finds a mention here are-
    1) “Justice delayed is justice denied” – which means if justice got delayed then it is no justice at all.
    2) “Justice has not to be done only, it should be seen also”- which means it is not done in the eye of law, but it should be seen or visible to common people .
    Last but not least, Justice is not just related to equality which means equal opportunity to all but rather it is more in the form of equity which means to make the less fortunate people equal to more fortunate and privileged people. In one line Justice is the core system of any republic and democratic country.

  • Justice is the honestness of peoples. Rights are equal to all people if they poor or rich.which one is go back to justice one that person will acheive a victory.And no one can defeat the victory easily…

  • Justice is the only thing we all need when their is somthing wrong happend and we want to make that correct in a lawful manners or in other words we are going to stand in front of bad situation to make it correct for us and to set a good example in front of civilized people.

    Their is also a flip
    side of justice called as “Punishment”
    I would like to say only that if we will start focusing on “Correction ” than punishment some day will come , no one will be punished and no one demand for “Justice”

  • In my view justice is a part of every one’s life. Why our India has been developing country not a developed country because of this reason. Justice is a main source of country’s development. Justice is in every where, such as we cannot copying in the examinations also a one of the justice. So “change our behavior -change our country’s future”.

  • Justice is the most powerful and basic need for the stability of any country. It is the only source to maintain democratic country. If we consider around us all of the natural processes obey the rules of justice. None of the natural schedule over-rule any other.
    My empasis is that we should know the actual reality of justice and attain in our personal lifes. Because ever big resolution start from a little bit effort.

  • Justice is not about only external things,its also related to our inner consciousness.Gandhi ji Alway’s said that if you do justice with your inner world then you can do justice in external world because if your inner soul would not giving you permission to do something and you doing that kind of act it will be a sin and then justice would have be defeated. If one who rule according his inner soul then justice will always be done. This is called natural justice.this concept came before industrial revolution and all the modern justice concepts are totally bassed on it.this is also called natural justice as well as modern justice. Todays world justice delivery system has been well organized but despit that justice delivery throw court has delayed. So its often says that justice delay justice denied..

  • Justice is as available is woefully inadequate because of inherent weakness limited to proactive monitoring and lax system of enforcement

  • Justice is a bound that holds a society together. Justice is the synthesis of three basic values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Justic is the basic idea behind these values

  • Justice is a bound that holds a society together. Justice is the synthesis of three basic values of liberty, equality and fraternity. Justice is the basic idea behind these values

  • Justice is just a word but the meaning which took a greater part at all. As we know its about fairness that how other or ourself treated in the way of justice. If we treat others as they treat in fair way, there has no arguments to commenced. So, how the situation took is mainly depent on what we act. If there is justice, there is a way to everybody. Thank you.

  • In our day today life we experience that there are people who always pass their judgement on other people .Such people are many in number.Justice is a gesture which make the oppresed feel too honoured.They feel motivated to live a childless life.Justice should always be done by eminent people.we should show our deaf ears to unworthy people giving their judgement. .

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