Learning English Sentences Everyday(74)

1. In this age of Internet chat, video games and reality television, there is no shortage of mindless activities to keep a child occupied.
Key Points: double negative sentence
(1). Fish cannot live without water.
(2). There is no one who doesn’t know about you.

2. I also know the pressures of trying to live up to a reputation created by previous victories.
Key Points: before/ pile up
(1). idea/ method/ habit/ purpose + of + v.ing
She has the bad habit of reading in bed.
(2). way/ pleasure/ time/ chance/ plan/ power/ pressure + of + v.ing = way/ pleasure/ time/ chance/ plan/ power/ pressure + to + v.
I had no chance of telling him the truth.= I had no chance to tell him the truth.

3. Most likely, you will believe that this will take more time than you actually have and you will end up staring blankly at the page as the deadline draws near.
Key Points: more than / more…than
(1). more than + n
He is more than her business partner.
(2). more than+ adj./v.
She is more than beautiful.
(3). more…than + that
The work is more difficult than (that) I can imagine.
(4). more…than
She is more frightened than hurt.

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