Learning English Sentences Everyday(73)

1. Whoever it is, they will see you in a way you never intended to be seen the 21st century equivalent of being caught naked.
Key Points: intend/ equivalent
(1). intend to do sth
I intended to catch the early bus, but I didn’t get up in time.
(2). be equivalent of  sth.
Changing his job like that is equivalent of giving him the sack.
2. Only an aggressive research and development might find ways of breaking our dependence on fossil fuels or dealing with it.
Key Points: before/ pile up
(1). aggressive
To be a winner in the hot competition, you must be aggressive.
(2). deal with
I think we should work out a strategy to deal with this situation.
(3). only (inverted sentence)
Only when I tried to unlock the door, did I realize that I had left my key in the room.
3. All the while I will be reminding myself that children need room to experiment, grow and find their own voices.
Key Points: with
(1). remind sb. to do sth.
I always have to remind her to take hey keys with her.
(2). remind…that
The teacher reminded us that there would be an English test next Monday.
(3). remind sb. of sb./ sth.
She reminds me very much of her mother.

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