Learning English Sentences Everyday(72)

1. I just read in the newspaper that The Lord of the Rings is this year’s greatest hit.
Key Points: hit
(1). a hit record/ single/ show…
Michael Jackson produced many hit records.
(2). a big/ smash hit
The musical is a smash hit.
(3). be/ make a hit with sb.
The pop star made a hit with the crowd.
2. Her household bills piled up, along with the dishes and dirty laundry, but it took near-constant complaints from her four daughters before she realized she had a problem.
Key Points: before/ pile up
(1). before
Would you like to leave a message before you go?
It may be some time before we really understand the problem.
Put the scissors away before you get hurt.
(2). pile up
Problems were piling up at work.
Bulldozers piled up huge mounds of dirt.
3. A survey found an overwhelming pessimism about privacy, with 60 percent of respondents saying they feel their privacy is “slipping away,and that bothers me”.
Key Points: with
(1). We found him sitting on the beach, with his eyes fixing on a kite in the sky.
(2). She ran into the room with her face covered with tears.
(3). With a lot of homework to do, he can’t go to the cinema.
(4). With the weather so close and stuffy,ten to one it will rain presently.
(5). The teacher came in with a book in his hand.

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