Learning English Sentences Everyday(71)

1. I need to get through it, though, but I keep drifting away.
Key Points: get through
(1). spend money
We got through a lot of money while we were in Hong Kong.
(2). pass sth (like exams)
I hope I can get through the exam this time.
(3). make someone agree on something
They finally got the decision through Council.
(4). manage to move on especially in hard times
We can get through this recession.
2. I had to drive two blocks before I spotted a place to park the car.
Key Points: spot
(1). a small mark on something
There are spots of mud on your shoes.
(2). a particular place or area, especially a pleasant place where you spend time
It is a nice spot for picnic.
(3). spot as verb:
The desk spotted with black ink.
At last, she spotted(find out, recognize) just the sweater she wanted.
3. If I were you,I would turn it in to the security office.
Key Points: turn in
(1). give your papers/ homework to someone in charge
The papers have to be turned in one week before the final examination.
(2). give a performance
Tonight he turned in a great performance.
(3). to surrender someone or something to another
He was turned in for possession of cocaine.

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