Writing Weekend: Let’s Talk About “Single Women and Men”!

Last week we set our writing theme “heroes”, and though people have different understandings of heroes, we agree that normal people can turn to heroes in daily life. This week, let’s talk about “single women and men”. What’s your opinions of being single? Particularly someone choose to be single. Are there any differences between single woman and man?
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “single women and men”. Anything you can think about single women and men, you can write down in our comment area.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 4 days for writing. Next Wednesday (Dec. 20th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
First five will be revised by us. And you may get the chance of being posted on our Facebook account.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • I think women or men don’t have differences. The differences it’s depend how they think of being single. If you don’t like being single or if you can’t move on, you’ll be stressed out. So, enjoy it because being single isn’t the end of the world.

  • My maternal grandmother is alone now .she don’t want to live any longer because no one cares her.there is no one whom she can share her views to.
    She is waiting for dying.
    Just think how a single man or woman can spend time at this last stage of life.
    We r not baba yaar.

    When we feel sad ,just see face of your daughter or son or life partner or parents, everything will vanish instantly,will not it.

  • I think being single is very good for men & women bec. They both are independent & do work alone,if you’re committed then many problems comes in their life & they always fight to each other,the main cause happen in the relationship they waste much time,they forget the value of time,i think being single is good for both of us ,they don’t have to depend on each other to tackle any problems

  • Being single it’s very good for man because they come to know if the problem comes in front of us then we learn how to take a decision

  • According to me, being single is necessary until your achievement , it’s not matter the human is men or women. Because , if you want something in your life than being single is necessary. You can achieve your goal fastly when you are single , your mind is concentrate on your goal rather than nothing.

  • I think a women is a beautiful think if we on a cold weather. And a men is a leaders of the world not a woman. I know if now we have equality, but Thats my oppinion. So, if a woman came to you and leading about your time, that was wrong.

    • You are unbelievably misogynistic by thinking like that (and almost everything’s bad written)

  • I think being single is not quite enough for future events. Because at the maturity age we can help ourself and we think we can live alone and face everything.
    But there are some difficult situation happen in future and that time we realise that we need a good partner so being single is good for some stage of life and being parter in as important for further life.

  • I think being single good for a woman and man to get your life together but then you want to find that special person in spend whole life with

  • Today I want to tell a short story. That’s about a catkin and dewdrop. Read the story carefully and take decision. In my view single is better than double.
    One day early in the morning, I was out of my room and I saw an artful love story between catkin and dewdrop.
    If any day you get any opportunity to see it and give high concentration to it. U will see, a couple of dewdrops will fall upon catkin. Then it will be percolating from catkin to the leaf of another small plant again it will percolate from small pant to the ground. Then it will gradually disappear from you. Thus, the dewdrop will be mingling with argil.

    What is the moral of this story?

    In life of everyone, at least one beloved comes and goes as the dewdrop. Who give u her love as the reflection of a diamond in your life but it goes as the percolation of dewdrop.
    Once upon a time it will disappear as the dewdrop disappear in argil.
    Thus, you will become alone as same as catkin.
    Think about yourself, u came in this world alone, and u will leave it alone.
    So single is better than double.

  • I think being is good for both man and woman because they are independent for what they want to do in thier life. They can take their own decision. They would be free to live their life in their own way. No restrictions would be there. No fighting a peaceful and happy life. No tension of the kids…

  • Being single wether men or women totally depends on one’s decision and his lifestyle or you can say how he likes to live in his or her’s personal life. Being single shows how independent can a person be,both men and women can be single because it’s that particular person’a life. For me being single makes a person independent to handle his own work and responsibilites better also it differs from person to person whether he/she wants to be single or to be in a relationship it totally depends on that person’s thoughts. Also if one is single he don’t have to spend that mouch money on self when comparing to being in relationship their is lots of waste of money and also one don’t have to listen somebody’s order on how and what he/she do

  • Being single is the bettter than with in a relationship , because i thought nowdays everyone just enjoy with themselves besides any other . So we can’t trust anyone . If you are committed or loyal then you would be in relationship ,otherwise you don’t have right to hurt anyone .lasly i say being single we live happily as no expectations ,no worries .

  • Most of us wouldn’t like to be alone because, at a certain amount of time, we start feeling a bit rueful about our lifes. That’s why we’d rather maintain the illusion of being loved by someone who we think it’s the perfect one (albeit it doesn’t exist because of the mistakes everyone commits). If someone would prefer not to spend their time with anyone else (talking about love), the reason why must be understood as a common situation because, as far as I am concerned, no one would tell you how to live your life.

  • Being single, is sometimes a choice and sometimes it is by fate. In 21st century, being single is a choice of many men and women. The fear of commitment and responsibilities on shoulders, play a huge role behind this option selected. Sometimes, the monotonous dream of achieving something glamorous, also inclines today’s generation towards the singlehood. At last, the love failure and heartbreak experiences motivates an individual to chose being single.

  • For me Being single is so hard, not man neither women, even I think being single for women is harder then being single for man medically. Because God created human in earth in pair for life together in love and affection. Then how human can changes what God was created him in that.

  • Being single is a hard choice in one’s life. It requires strong will power to take such decision to be single. It is absolutely best choice rather being in a worthless relationship and freeing oneself from hellish feeling. But life keeps on taunting and heart keeps on searching for true love, with its repeated unanswered question ‘why did this happen to me’? A single woman has to have a strong heart to be single. Though many are educated in the Indian society the culture and traditions treat single woman with disrespect. She is most often I’ll treated, she feels insecure. She has to be careful with her safety and protection issues. The most irritating thing is that people showing pity for the condition of single woman. But one thing is that single woman must learn to move on proudly in life and try to achieve best, because ‘there is only one beautiful life, it’s you who lead it as your choice’….

  • By birth itself, man is a social being. Since ages, man habituated to live together peacefully and satisfactorily. We share our feelings, thoughts, happiness, grief with our friends and colleagues and comfort ourselves. If we are distracted, our friends correct our way. One needs venture to live single, especially for woman. She may feel insecure . Man also feels loneliness and becomes passive. Only a few days , one gets joy to live separately, but not long lasting. God Himself felt that man could not live alone , so He created Eve to Adams. Afterall , human beings,why do we think so?
    So live together and enjoy this life and make it fruitful.

  • Being SINGLE does not define a different meaning like ‘not being single.. ‘The world is only opposite of being mingle with someone u like most…. Being single is just a choice of not being interactive enough with others…. Being single means u r tired of trusting on others or don’t want to rely on others than yourself, so don’t feel itself alienated if u admit to be ‘SINGLE’..

  • Single! It’s a feeling that makes a person strong, independent and beliefs. Don’t confuse with this word that single cannot feel the world , single feels more than others.If you are single ,you don’t have to live in confusion.If you are single that doesn’t mean that you shut off yourself.Belive me ,if u think couples are happy.Yes,you are right they are happy but in limit. single’s happiness is limitless.There is people’s myth that single can be cut easily.yes,a single can be cut but not single.Single means to live within you.single means alive not dead.when you single you are able to know your abilities and your extreme power.you are able to know the truth of world by knowing youself.There is also one truth that couple are also single if they are to extreme of their relationship.Couple , relationship ,these words seem good but Single isn’t.But you can think, this world is creating by single ,means when couple being towards single ,they create, otherwise they can’t create that’s why i called it a feeling.Stay single , stay in love.

  • I think the best solution for happy life is marriage
    To know the problems of each other

  • I love this interact site for single, both men and women with my imagination I think for men to be single it’s horible life living, check back in the beginning of creation After God created all things then create man in is image and God see that Adam can never be alone; and he create Eve from him Adam.please can’t you see that God is wonderful, men can never live alone.if not because what going on this crazy world now our days, I don’t like lonely life, been single for a man will never make a man be focused and be single woman makes her go into prostitute , I need someone to live life with me in loyalty.

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