Learning English Sentences Everyday(67)

1. My friend Leo makes up weak and poor excuses whenever there is something he doesn’t want to do.
Key Points: make up
(1). invent sth, sometimes in order to deceive people.
I think it’s very unkind of you to make up stories about him.
(2). If two people make up after a quarrel or disagreement, they become friends again.
Let’s make up.
(3). clean, make it tidy and in good order
You should make up your bed every morning.
(4). apply cosmetics
She made up her face to look prettier.
2. Oh, come on! You must have something, anything!
Key Points: come on
(1). cheer sb. up
Come on! You can make it.
(2). hurry up
Come on! We’ll be late.
(3). make sb. happy and regain strength
Come on, Shirley!
3. It would spoil my excitement if it turned out I just have a funny wrinkle on the surface of my brain, which makes me think about the invisible train platforms.
Key Points: turn out
(1). show up in somewhere
A record number of people turned out to vote.
(2). If something turns out a particular way, it happens in that way.
Everything turned out nice.
(3). When you turn out something such as a light, you move the switch so that it stops giving out light or heat.
Who turned out the lights?
(4). to force a person or animal to leave
Her father turned her out of his house.

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