Learning English Sentences Everyday(66)

1. You’ve had your hands full and have been overworked during the last two weeks.
Key Points: hand
(1). at hand (near in the terms of space and time)
Help is at hand.
The patients can find help near at hand.
(2). go hand in hand (related closely)
Nutrition and health go hand in hand.
(3). have one’s hands tied (limited, unable to help)
I’m afraid I have my hands tied and can’t help you.
(4). on hand
The emergency services are on hand.
2. Your passport? That’s the one thing you mustn’t leave behind.
Key Points: leave
(1). leave behind (be forgotten, or leave unchanged or undisturbed or refrain from taking)
Come on. You’ve been left behind.
(2). leave for (go somewhere)
My brother is leaving for Australia.
(3). leave sb. alone
I’m alright. Please leave me alone.
(4). leave off (stop)
Let’s pick up where we left off.
3. I’m fed up with my job.
Key Points: feed
(1). feed on/ off
This kind of insects feeds on leaves.
Prejudice feeds on ignorance.
(2). feed sb. up
You are so slim. I will try to feed you up.

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