How to Tell Whether You Are Sociable?

Being sociable can mean many things.

But in some aspects, there is only one criteria in judging whether one is sociable or not. And that is whether this person can understand how other people think or not.

When some people talk with others, they’ll fall into silence after a few sentences.
They want to find something to talk about but don’t know what to say.
And if this kind of things happen too often, some of them will start to avoid communicating with others. And some of them even start to doubt if they are incapable in communicating.
And there is another kind of people. When they talk with other people, after a while, the people who they talk to will become not so happy.

This is not because they are too emotional.
This problem comes from us.
It’s because we cannot understand the change in their emotion. It’s because we cannot understand the implication they give out.
And thus we entered the dangerous zone in their hearts and created a barrier between us and them.
You should stand in other people’s shoes.
You should see from other people’s point of view when you talk to them.
When you can understand what people want to say, you’ll know what to say to them.
This is the true sociability.
This is the kind of communication that brings people closer.

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