Learning English Sentences Everyday(64)

1. I was up till 3 o’clock this morning,writing a paper for my literature class.
Key Points: up
(1). increase, become more and more
Our profits are up by 3%.
(2). excited, refer to mood
My mood is up a little.
(3). ready, prepared
Christmas lunch is up.
2. I’m on a scheme that’s called phased retirement; I had a six-month break from work, after that I could apply for project work with the company I used to work for.
Key Points: used to
(1). be used to do sth.
Sound can be used to measure temperature in the ocean.
(2). used to do sth. (sb. did sth. frequently in the past)
I used to go to the beach every day.
(3). be used to sth./doing sth. (feel familiar with sth.)
I’m used to being alone.
3. While they are out of their room, he steals their money, handbag, whatever and makes off with it.


Key Points: make
(1). make off (leave/run away in a hurry)
When the rabbit saw the boy, it made off at once.
(2). make sth. of sb./sth. (understand)
History is what you make of it.
(3). make the most of (never waste anything of sth.)
You should make the most of your week’s 168 hours.

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