What Things Can You Do in the UK That You Cannot in the USA?

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@Ernest W. Adams

Eat real haggis. The stuff they sell in the USA isn’t real.
Drive on the left.
Drink at 18. If the British tried to raise the drinking age to 21 the streets would be awash in the blood of dead politicians.
Get health care free at the source without ever worrying about whether you can pay the bill.
Watch TV without commercials.
Be graceful and courteous without someone assuming that means you’re a wimp.
Listen to incredibly erudite and detailed discussions about gardening on the radio.
Live in a house that was there before Columbus reached the New World.
Marry someone of a different race without anybody finding it odd.
Be black without fearing that the police will shoot you.
Use rhyming slang.
Visit buildings constructed by the Romans.
Sleep in a real castle.

@Ruth Alborough

Say ‘Bloody hell’ and not sound like a twat.

@Matthew Lawrence Chesterton

Swim to France.

@Dan Brady

Go for years without ever seeing a gun, anywhere (TV and films not included)
Not see many Canadians or Mexicans

@Thomas Foster

Watch the Australian cricket team lose.

@Julia Harrison

Go on holiday to Cuba.
Come back again.

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