1. You took an optional course this semester, didn’t you?

Key Points: didn’t you
(1). Good weather, isn’t? ( falling pitch, here the speaker doesn’t expect any answer, just to open a topic)
(2). You like this dress, don’t you? ( rising pitch, here the speaker wants the answer. If you say “yes”, you mean that you like the dress; otherwise, saying “no” means the opposite.)

2. There is every reason to believe the trend will continue through the next few decades.

Key Points: decades
(1). dozen, score
1) three dozen eggs
2) They bought two score bottles of the beer.
(2). dozens/scores of
dozens of times
scores of years ago
(3). When following “a few”, “some”, “several”, “many”, dozens of / scares of
some dozens of people
many scores of cattle
(4). dozen, score + of the / these / those
a dozen of these oranges
four score of them

3. Shouting or acting rude will get you nowhere.

Key Points: get… nowhere
(1). get/ go nowhere (useless, without moving forward)
They discussed the problem all day but got nowhere.
(2). nowhere to be found/seen
My wallet is nowhere to be found.
(3). nowhere near (far from)
The work is nowhere near finished.