Learning English Sentences Everyday(60)

1. I’m stuck in a traffic jam.

Expressions related to transport:
(1). These is heavy traffic on the road.
(2). Traffic officials have urged residents to avoid the rush hour.
(3). The tunnel reduced congestion.

2. I’m exposed to the thoughts of some of the world’s best writers.

Key Points: be exposed to
(1). Being exposed to the Internet, he knows a lot about e-commerce.
(2). Exposed to sunlight for too long, she suffers from skin cancer.

3. We’ll have to count on good weather.

Key Points: count on
(1). count on (count upon)
1) If I were you, I wouldn’t count on it.
2) He counted on his sister for everything.
(2). count
Please wait for me, I have to count my students.
(3). count (If sth counts, it means sth is meaningful and important)
Make every day count.

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