男底色.pngWhat a good day!

女底色.pngYes. It’s really wonderful here The grass is greener and the air is fresher than those in the city.

男底色.pngRight. Let’s go out and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. 

女底色.pngGreat, let’s go.

男底色.pngWow, what a beautiful lake! The green hills and clear water really provide magnificent scenery. 

女底色.pngEn, it’s so beautiful that I don’t want to move my eyes from it.

男底色.pngI feel as if I’m living in a different world, honey. 

女底色.pngThe same to me. All the things here make me happy, the mountain, the water, the grass, the birds, the sunshine.

男底色.pngI think we should go out more frequently. The natural scenery can do us good.