Daily Life: Greetings and Introductions!


1. Greetings

(1). Good morning(afternoon, evening)
–How are you?
–Fine, thank you, and you?
(2). Best wishes(regards) to sb.
Please give my regards (best wishes, love) to Tom.
Please remember me to Tom.
Say hello to Tom.
(3). Glad(Pleased) to meet you here(again).

2. Introductions

(1). This is Mr. (Mrs., Miss., Ms.) Green.
This is Sally Swift.
May I introduce you to my friends?
I’d like you to meet Mr. Green.
(2). –How do you do?
–How do you do?
Nice(Glad, Pleased) to meet(see) you.
Nice meeting you, Mr. Green.
(3). My name is Henry Taylor.
I’m a teacher.
Excuse me, what’s your (full) name, please?
(4). I have often heard about you.
I have often wanted to meet you.
Excuse my introducing myself.
Do you know my father?
I don’t think you have met my father.
Allow (let) me introduce Mr. Green to you.

Look forward to your reply!

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