Writing Club: The Feedbacks of the Theme Writing “Dream”

Last week we set our writing theme “dream”. Why we choose this topic? Think about it, “what’s your dream?”, “what do you want to be in the future” are often asked questions in our childhood. It ‘s like we are pushed to find out the real selves. And another meaning of dream is like a fantasy becoming true only at night. Being able to have dream is really a blessing. The connections between dreams and reality are excellent source of inspiration for literature.
From your writing, to elaborate an abstract noun like “dream”, you should tell us which meaning of the word you want to explain in the first place.
Remember to pay attention to your grammar. When you talk about your dream that you are able to achieve in the future, you should use present tense or future tense. (eg: I want to be a doctor in the future./ I hope I will gain lots of money.) But if you are talking about a dream you will never be able to make it come true( such as change something already happened in the past), you’re supposed to use subjunctive mood. (eg: I have a dream that I could go back to my childhood.)

There is a short poem about “dream” to share with you:


Langston Hughes


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

The first five writing in the comment area have been revised by us. You can check here:
Hope you will enjoy our writing club more!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Hey??!!…First of all ,what is a dream.???……get a strike on your mind….for me it is the network between you and the world where anything can possible….For an ambitious man, his dream is to become like Bill Gates…..
    Dreams can only be successful when we left no stone unturned to accomplish that dream or that desire which come from a dream…
    Dreams are like lift which take us from our ground level to the top one ……well it’s your choice to stop it on second ,third or at infinity!!!!….

  • Dreams are life if one who has no dream then he would be like a thing that have no clue about his future. Dream are things that put us on effort and tells us what is life add what ways to spend the life. Everyone should have dream but this is also necessary that one should have courage to get them otherwise these dreams will only a utopia.. So get ready and have a dream.

  • Everyone must have a dream in their life. even if they look like the most ignorant person in the world, they must have their personal ‘hidden’ dream in their mind or even their heart that they can’t tell to anybody but they wish they could reach it one time. personally, of course i have a dream too. a dream that started to flowing my mind since i was a kid. every year, approaching the Christmas day, i always staring at the television and waiting for Home Alone. my favorite movie even ’till i’m not a kid anymore this time. even more, one day my best friend recommend me her favorite comic titled ‘Miiko’. a comic that came from Japan. in that comic, the writer tells us many stories about the main character, ya, it’s Miiko, a little cute primary school student that lives in Japan. i love reading every part of the comic. and i often imaginating that i was in there, enjoy every atmosphere in there. enjoy every season that taking turns in their each time. Ya, that’s my dream now. actually, i have many dreams. but i think that one is the dream that can bring me to reach the others. i want to continue my education in a college or university in America or Japan, than i will be a success bussinesswoman and beatify my parents and family. be thankful to them for their hard work for me. i will make them happy before they left me for forever.

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