Learning English Sentences Everyday(58)

1. If he has ambitious goals and is willing to put in long hours, everyone in his unit with follow his example.

Key Points: put in
(1). spend
You have to put in a lot of effort to learn a foreign language.
(2). install
We”re having a new bathroom put in.
(3). interrupt
Can I put in a word?
(4). present formally
The company has put in a claim for the damage to the goods.

2. It isn’t due until Thursday morning.

Key Points: due
(1). If an amount of money is due, it must be paid at a particular time
The amount still due is 5,000 pounds.
(2). You due is what you deserve
We should pay him with all due respect.
(3). enough
We have due cause to honor them.
(4). expected to happen
Their train is due in 15 minutes.

3. Yes, the power indicator was on, and it was running, but somehow the sound didn’t come through.

Key Points: somehow (in some way or other)
(1). Somehow we must get to Glasgow.
Somehow, I don’t feel I can trust him.
(2). somewhat (a little)
Mr.Smith is somewhat particular about the outer man and always dresses neatly.
(3). anyhow(casually, maybe in a mess)
The books were lying on the shelves just anyhow.

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