Learning English Sentences Everyday(57)

1. I had a hard time getting through the novel.

Key Points: get through
(1). get through to
1) contact sb. by telephone, etc.
I can’t get through to London; the lines are always busy.
2) make somebody understand sth.
Few teachers can get through to students who don’t want to learn.
3) arrive
The news finally got through to us.
(2). get through with
1) When will you get through with painting the house?
2) I got through with the examination, but did not get through.
3) When you get through with your work, let’s go out.

2. I am afraid I just ran out of film.The book has been out of print for some time now.

Key Points: out of
(1). Out of sight, out of mind.
(2). We’ve got to be out of our minds.
(3). David has been out of collar since last autumn.
(4). Don’t trust him- he’s only out for your money.

3. I’ve bought some used furniture at the Sunday market. It was a real bargain.

Key Points: bargain
(1). This skirt was such a bargain.
(2). similar expressions:
They had a good price on it.
I got a good deal on this.
(3). bargain
If you bargain with them, they might reduce the price.
He made a bargain with his wife,“You take care of the children and I’ll cook.”
I bargained my bracelet for a meat.

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