男底色.pngI just received a phone call for an interview next week. 

女底色.pngCongratulations! This is your first interview ever.

男底色.pngThank you, but I’m nervous.I don’t know what to do.Could you tell me what should I do before an interview? 

女底色.pngSure, you should prepare so that you can give proper response when you’re being interviewed.

男底色.pngYeah, besides my personal introduction, what else should I prepare?

女底色.pngYou should collect as much information about the company and the position you’re applying for as you can. It is important to show that you’ve done some research into the company. 

男底色.pngThen what should I do when I’m being interviewed?

女底色.pngSmile at the interviewers and look them in their eyes while trying to persuade them to select you. Try to act natural, let your personality, ability and interpersonal skills shine through the interview.

男底色.pngAre there any other things I should pay attention to? 

女底色.pngYeah,wear formal clothes to your interview and do be punctual. That’ll leave your interviewers with a good first impression.