Learning English Sentences Everyday(56)

1. I really can’t afford any more interruptions right now.

Key Points: afford
(1). I can’t afford to play game with you, sorry.
(2). Plenty of kids in this village can’t afford to go to school(=can’t afford education).
(3). I’m too busy to afford an hour for lunch.

2. Anyhow, let’s calm down and try to figure things out.

Key Points: figure out
(1). How did you figure this out?
(2). I can’t figure Jenny out. She’s a mystery to me,
(3). He is so smart. He’ll figure it out.
*work it out
OK, let’s work it out together.

3. Most have worked their way up from sales representatives, and they are very proud of the role they played in the company’s growth.

Key Points: work up
(1). work sth. up (succeed in making sb. feel)
I can’t work up any appetite.
(2). work sb./ oneself up(into)
What are they so worked up about?
(3). work sth. up into sth. (strengthen)
You should work your notes up into an essay.

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