1. I’ve also traveled a bit, you know, off season when everywhere is less crowded and hotels cost less.

Key Points: season (The off season is the time of the year when not many people go on holiday and when things such as hotels and plane tickets are often cheaper.)
(1). at seasons (from time to time)
His wife loses temper at seasons just because of trivial matters.
(2). come into season (come into market)
Grapes will soon come into season.
(3). in season
Watermelons are now in season.
(4). out of season
A good maxim is never out of season.

2. Yes, I know, but I’ve been too busy to phone him.

Key Points: too…to
(1). It is too good to be true.
(2). The weather is too hot to work.
(3). I am only too glad to meet you.

3. Now you’ve seen this table of figures about the pocket money children in Britain get?

Key Points: figure
(1). body shape
Britney shows off her slender figure.
(2). celebrity
This book includes 100 greatest figures of history.
(3). high social status
He was rich,and was a person of figure.