Learning English Sentences Everyday(53)

1. The chocolate cake looks great, but I have to watch my weight.

Key Points: watch (pay attention to)
(1). Watch for fires!
(2). Watch yourself.
(3). Watch closely. I’ll make turns.
(4). Watch your step.

2. Oh, yes, that’s our busiest time. I get Wednesdays off.

Key Points: get off
(1). badly off (relatively poor)
Her family is badly off.
(2). better off (relatively rich)
We are better off economically.
(3). from the off (from the start)
The sitcom is perfect from the off.
(4). off and on (intermittently stopping and starting)
I slept off and on last night.

3. But it looks as if children were not better off in 2001 than they were in 2002.

Key Points: comparative form
(1). (not)as…as
The work is not as difficult as you think.
This box is twice as heavy as that one.
(2). superior,inferior, senior,junior,prior to
She is three years senior to me.
This type of machine is superior to that type.

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