Talk: What’s The Problem?

Surround Sound Speaker

男底色.pngHi, there’s a problem with this stereo. I’d like to return it, please. 

女底色.pngWhat’s the problem?

男底色.pngThe tape player doesn’t work. 

女底色.pngOK. Do you have your receipt?

男底色.pngYes, here you are.

女底色.pngThank you. Do you want your money back, or would you like to exchange it?

男底色.pngI think I’d like to just get another stereo, please. 

女底色.pngOK. Here’s a receipt for store credit. Just take it back to the stereo section and one of our salesmen will help you.

男底色.pngThanks a lot.

女底色.pngNo problem. Thank you.


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