Learning English Sentences Everyday(52)

1. Well, I knew she had been absent all week. So I called her this morning to see if she was sick. It turned out that her husband was badly injured in a car accident.

Key Points: turn out
(1). change
It seems to turn out fine tomorrow.
(2). get up, get out of bed
I turned out early today because I had an interview this morning.
(3). clean
We should turn out our room.

2. You are the talk of the town and the pride of our class now.

Key Points: pride
(1). pride as a noun.
The people have a sense of pride in their community.
(2). pride as a verb( in spoken English) (pride sb. on sth.)
I pride myself on this beautiful garden.
(3). proud be proud of sth./ be proud that
1 ) He is proud of his daughter’s ability to speak four languages.
2 ) She was so proud that her son has so much talent.

3. If you are referring to my winning the English speech contest´╝îI don’t think it’s such a big deal.

Key Points: refer to
(1). mean
When I said some people were stupid, I wasn’t referring to you.
(2). apply to
The regulations refer only to children.
(3). look up, consult
Please refer to a dictionary.

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