Talk:Where is The Closest ATM?


男底色.pngPam, where’s the closest ATM?

女底色.pngIt’s not that far. Do you see that Yellow building over there?

男底色.pngThe big one or the small one? 

女底色.pngThe big one.


女底色.pngIt’s right next to it, on the right.

男底色.pngDo you know if there’s a convenience store around here? 

女底色.pngI don’t think there’s one around here. The closest one is on 3rd street, but that’s probably closed now.

男底色.pngI really need to get some things before I leave. 

女底色.pngWell, you could go down to 22nd street. There are lot of stores down there that are open 24 hours a day.

男底色.pngCan I take the subway to get there? 

女底色.pngYes, but that’ll probably take about half an hour. You should just take a cab.

男底色.pngWon’t that be expensive? 

女底色.pngNo, from here I think it’s only about 5 dollars.

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