男底色.pngGuess who I saw yesterday?

女底色.pngI don’t know. Who?

男底色.pngAvril Lavigne! 

女底色.pngThe Canadian rock singer? But I heard you had a part-time job yesterday. How did you see her?

男底色.pngYeah,I worked as temporary staff in her concert. Look, her poster, a CD… 

女底色.pngSo you’re a big fan, eh?

男底色.pngNot really. But I like some of her songs. She’s actually very talented. She’s a song writer and fashion and fashion designer, too. 

女底色.pngWhat was your impression of her when you saw her in person?

男底色.pngShe looked sweeter than her pictures. 

女底色.pngDid you take a photo with her?

男底色.pngNo, there were too many people. When she got out of the car, her fans were all screaming, trying to give her flowers and get her autographs.