Never Pay to Be A Slave

I saw a lady in the subway station today.
She was quarreling with the security guard, because she was not willing to put her handbag into the security inspector.
“It’s expensive!” she shouted, “The machine’s gonna scratch it!”
I noticed the logo on that handbag when I passed by.
Yeah, it was of a luxury brand and looked quite new.
And judging from the lady’s reaction, I guess it’s authentic.
But if you check out the lady’s other items and her behavior, it’s not so difficult to see that her income may not be very high.
So it’s highly probable that the handbag really cost her a fortune, maybe the money she saved from her every meal.
And apparently it was also costing her this precious commuting time and at the same time her good mood.
“Sad.” I thought.
My mother once told me: “Never buy anything that you can’t really afford to use.”
It’s not only about money. It’s about everything that you give up for it.
I’m totally happy with my handbag that I bought online. It’s not expensive. It’s not of any luxury brand. But it’s of great quality and designed in just the way I like it.
That’s enough.
When you buy things to use, you own the things.
When you buy things to worship, they own you.
And I don’t want to pay to be a slave.


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