Learning English Sentences Everyday(51)

1. Next time you go camping, take some precautions, such as, wearing long sleeves.

Key Points: take
(1). take a rain check( change the schedule, change to another day)
—Would you come over for dinner tonight?
—I’d like to. But I’ve got so much work to do that I’ll have to take a rain check.
(2). take…into account( to think about sth. carefully)
As a child, he should take the advice of his parents into account.
(3). take it easy (relax)
Since you’ve finished your work, you can take it easy for a moment.

2. Nothing comes to mind right now, but I’d like to go over all the articles of the contract once more before signing it.

Key Points: mind
(1). absence of mind( could hardly focus)
Mary failed the exam because of her absence of mind.
(2). bear/keep in mind( remember)
This is a truth we must always bear in mind.
(3). change one’s mind
Black is against it, and I don’t think I can change his mind.
(4). mind you(please pay attention)
I didn’t make any promise, mind you.
(5). Do/Would you mind…+ if-clause/sb.+doing
1 ) Do you mind if he attends our discussion?
2 ) Would you mind me/my smoking here?

3. I really can’t stand the way David controls the conversation all the time.

Key Points: time
(1). ahead of time
You should prepare ahead of time for your interview.
(2). at no time( never)
At no time will I give up my dreams.
(3). at one time
At one tine,the turkey and the bald eagle were each considered as the national symbol of America.
(4). at the same time
Don’t all speak at the same time.
(5). at times
Dad admits he still smokes at times.

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