Office Talk: English Recruitment Advertisements

R: Donna gave notice last week. We’ll need to fill her position.
T: Oh, no! My workload will double! How much notice did she give?
R: She gave two weeks. That gives us time to hire and train a replacement.
T: More work!
R: No one will get stuck with more work if we quickly find a replacement! Now, help me outline the requirements for a job ad.
T: OK. “Able to skip lunch, work overtime, meet impossible deadlines”.
R: No one will respond to that ad. Anyway, we’ll require a four-year degree, preferably in marketing…
T: And experience!
R: We’ll require two years’ experiences. What else would you suggest?
T: The person needs to be outgoing, good at organizing himself, and able to work independently.
R: Right. You don’t want to hold his or her hand all the time. Exactly, that just means more work for me!
T: It won’t be! Now, go and type up a job ad for me.
R: Ah-ha! Extra work already!

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