Learning English Sentences Everyday(50)

1. It’s no secret that there is a lot to put up with when waiting tables, and fortunately, much of it can be easily forgotten when you pocket the tips.

Key Points: It +be+ n.(no secret)+that-clause
(1). It +be+ adj.+that-clause
It is essential that…
It is significant that…
It is clear that…
(2). It+be+ past participles+that-clause
It is recommended that…
It is known to us/all that…
It is anticipated that…
(3). It +be+ n.+that
It is common knowledge that…
It is a surprise that…
It is a fact that…
(4). It+ vi.+that-clause
It appears that…
It happens that…
It occurred to me that…

2. I ran into Sally the other day. I could hardly recognize her.

Key Points: run into
(1). especially refer to meeting some problems
The man knows his daughter has run into trouble.
(2). add up to
The guests on his wedding ran into 1,000.
(3). drive to some places 
The young lady ran into the country with her mother and had a good day.

3. I’ve been working out in the gym since January. I was a little out of shape.

Key Points:
(1) To express someone is healthy:
1)be in good shape / keep in shape
Her brother runs five kilometers every week to be in good shape.
2)fit as a fiddle (pretty healthy)
如:Though I haven’t seen you for ages, you are still fit as a fiddle.
(2) To express someone is not feeling well
1)under the weather
The boy didn’t go to school yesterday because he was under the weather.
2)be off color
I’m feeling a bit off color today.

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