Talk: I’d Like to Activate Voice Mail


男底色.pngTelco Mobile, how can I help you?

女底色.pngYes, I’d like to activate my voice mail service please.

男底色.pngCertainly, we currently have a special promotion where we include voice mail services ,call waiting and also three way calling. 

女底色.pngSure that sounds great! Are there any other fees?

男底色.pngNot at all. No hidden fees or surcharges, it is a flat monthly rate. 

女底色.pngPerfect. I also wanted to know if there is any call forwarding service? I am usually out of town and would like my calls to be forwarded to a local number.

男底色.pngYes of course. We can activate all these services in about an hour. 


Look forward to your reply!

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