Learning English Sentences Everyday(49)

1. A teacher deserves wide latitude in selecting the method of grading that best promotes learning in her classroom; that is, after all, the prime function of grades.

Key Points: deserve
(1). be worthy of sth.
Soldiers deserve respect.
If you do wrong, you deserve to be punished.
(2). latitude
They allowed their children too much latitude.
(3). prime
Experience is prime asset for new job hunters.

2. Assuming that your teacher is neither biased nor corrupt and that her system conforms to school rules, you can’t fault her ethics.

Key Points:
(1). neither…nor…
She neither knew nor cared what had happened.
(2). conform to
The bridge didn’t conform to safety regulations.
(3). fault
No one could fault her performance.

3. What parents do, in other words, is of deep concern to the state, for the obvious reason that caring for children is not only morally urgent but essential for the future of society.

Key Points:
(1). in other words
They asked her to leave. In other words, she was feed.
(2).be of concern (to sb.)
Those students’ behaviour was of concern to their school.
(3).for the reason that
You should learn a foreign Language for the reason that you may need it work.
(4). be essential for (be important for)
Plenty of exercise is essential for a healthy life.

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