Learning English Sentences Everyday(48)

1. So, Claire,you’re into drama!

Key Points: into
Expressing sb. is interested in sth.
(1). be fascinated by sth.
They were fascinated by his ideas.
(2). be obsessed by sth.
The children were obsessed by the story.
(3). get into stb.
He’s getting into oil paintings.

2. Many Europeans may view the U.S. as an arrogant superpower that has become hostile to foreigners.

Key Points: view… as
Similar expressions:
(1). consider as
Her private life should not be considered as a dish of gossip for you.
(2). treat as
She treated me as her own son when she was alive.
(3). regard as
The professor regards our suggestions as unacceptable.

3. Another part of the study suggests far the more is at stake than the mere expression of views.

Key Points: suggest
(1). suggest sb.(for sth.)OR suggest sb./sth. (as sth.)
He suggested Paris as a good place for a honeymoon.
(2). suggest sth. (to sb.)
Which illness do those symptoms suggest to you?
(3). suggest that
Are you suggesting that I’m not telling the trufih?
(4). suggest itself (to sb.)
An idea suggested itself to me.

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