Learning English Sentences Everyday(47)

1. I’ve been a freelance designer for quite a long time now.

Key Points: Time
(1). at one time (sometime in the past)
This used to be a very pretty lake at one time.
(2). for a time (for a relatively short time)
John lived in Beijing for a time.
(3). for some time (for a relatively long time)
I hadn’t seen my brother for some time.

2. But the minute I step into the classroom or get onto the stage, it just falls into place.

Key Points: Place
(1). be going places (start to become popular)
She’s really going places as an actress.
(2). in place (ready for)
All the arrangements were in place for the meeting.
(3). out of place (not suitable)
Those remarks were out of place.
(4). feel out of place (feel not comfortable)
I felt out of place at the conference.
(5). in sb.’s place
Have you ever thought about it in my place?

3. The woman on the witness stand in this story is being questioned about the murder that was committed one hundred years ago.

Key Points: commit
(1). commit vt.
1) do sth illegal/ wrong/ silly
commit murder/ commit suicide
2) commit…to… (turn to)
commit the man to prison
3) commit sb./oneself to sth.OR commit sb./oneself to doing sth. (make a promise)
He has committed himself to support his brother’s children.
(2) commitment n.
Success is often attributed to dedication and commitment.
I felt I did not have to make such a commitment to them.

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