Writing Club: The Feedbacks of the Theme Writing “Death”

Last week we set our writing theme “death”. Death is really a eternal philosophical question as it is discussed over and over again in the past thousands of years. Sometimes when you think about death, you are actually reflect on your own, trying to catch a glimpse of the unknown afterlife based on your past.
We are lucky because all of us can share this article here at this moment. Many of you did a great job that you have truly thought about death. Here is an article we want to share with you all:

Perhaps it’s only when we fully accept that we will die that we can fully accept how alive we are right now. Death brings perspective, then. It brings us back to life and it asks of me, how, now, will I live?

A friend works at a hospital, and recently she cared for a man who just had days left. They talked about his childhood, she tells me, and then she asked him what makes life good? She wrote down his words. “It’s when we assume nothing,” he said, “when we give more than we take, when we need less, when we smile often, when we dream big, when we laugh frequently, and when we find comfort in knowing how blessed we are.How blessed we are.”

The poet Rilke said, “Being here is so much.” And whether you believe death is the end or, like me, that it is only the beginning, life is surely not about the time we have left – days, weeks, years? – but about the time we have now.

We have made small changes with writing club session.

  1. First, the first five writing in the comment area will be revised by us. But we will read all your writing carefully. You can check here: https://udictionaryblog.com/2017/11/11/writing-club-lets-write-about-death/
  2. Second, nice writing pieces will be selected and posted on our Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/UDictionary/. If you don’t like your words posted on Facebook, you can figure out at the end of your writing specially. You can certainly communicate with other users who join our writing club more conveniently.
  3. Third, the feedback part will give you some beautiful pieces about our writing theme.

Hope you will enjoy our writing club more!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Died we never know when come to our life. It’s something very misteryous. Died will come you wanna or not. We must ready for died.

  • It is better to admit the course of the nature.To give a complete and fine touch of a work or task it is essential to follow it’s all core features,that constitutes certain product,process,and finalization.so,death is course of nature that is actually a core part of life,that is completion of product (life)so it is better to accept it as open heartedly.Asnwe all know that once a farmer ploughs his fields sow beeds and wait for certain period until Corp gets ready or to be on final touch,so it is necessary for a farmer to harvest the crop for it’s final process.we all are just Traveller we are on the way so when we reach our destination ,we should try to leave our seat as we have reached to our destination.Although we know very well that to admit that fact is bit difficult but we will have to admit this……………🙋

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