男底色.pngWhy don’t you watch where you’re going? 

女底色.pngMe? You’re the one who pulled out in front of me!

男底色.pngThere was plenty of room for me to pull out.You didn’t have to stay in the lane you were in. 

女底色.pngHey, listen. I had every right to stay in the lane I was in.You were supposed to wait until I passed to pull out.And anyhow, you didn’t give me any time to change lanes.All of a sudden–BANG–there you are right in front of me.

男底色.pngI think my arm is broken. 

女底色.pngSorry about your arm, but it serves you right. You need to learn how to drive. You’re lucky you didn’t get killed. And I’m lucky to be alive too.

男底色.pngListen, let’s just wait until the police get here.Then we can decide whose fault this accident was. 

女底色.pngFine with me. I know the laws of the road. I’m not worried.