Learning English Sentences Everyday(45)

1. Professor Johnson, last night when I was putting the finishing touches on my paper, a computer failure completely wiped out my files. Do you think I can have another day to retype it?

Key Points: Put
(1). put the finishing touches on/ to sth.= revise some small parts at last
The artist was putting the finishing touches on a piece of work.
(2). put through
Your call has been put through.
(3). put across/ over
He has taken out a half-page advertisement in his local paper to put his point across.
(4). put in
I also put in a request for some overtime.

2. Come on, this suspense is killing me.

Key Points: Kill
(1). make sb./ sth. die
The disease kills thousands of people every year.
(2). end
The smell killed her appetite.
(3). make sth. fail
The proposal was killed by the boss.
(4). turn off
Remember to kill the gar engine.

3. I got a reasonable raise. Now, enough about me. I’m dying to hear your news.

Key Points: Die
(1). be dying for sth.
I’m dying for something to drink.
(2). die hard
Old habits die hard.
(3). die laughing
It’s so funny. I nearly died laughing.

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