What Should I Absolutely Not Do When Traveling?

What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

This is an interesting question and I read some pretty crazy answers, though I have traveled extensively.


1)Don’t make the ‘Okay’ hand gesture
2)Don’t flaunt your wealth in Brazil as the crime rates are very high and it is better to be safe than sorry.


3)Don’t climb Australia’s Uluru Rock because it holds deep spiritual significance for the local Anangu people.
4) Don’t underestimate the distances in Australia – remember, Australia is a single country housed in a continent that is almost 60 times the size of England.


5) Don’t create a scene in public in China
6) Don’t let someone else pay the bill without fighting for it

Some non-obvious things that can get you into trouble in India:

7) Kissing in a public place.
8) Touch anything of respect with your feet.
9) Physical contact with member of opposite sex.
10) Disrespecting any religion.
11) Shorts/skirts in a place of worship.

Look forward to your reply!

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